Anyone is able to ask a Church of England minister to take a funeral for someone they knew and loved. Neither the person who has died nor the person asking has to be a regular church goer. The vicar will take the funeral service for anyone who lives in their parish.

There is so much to think about when someone has died. There are formalities to complete, people need to be told, and a service to organise.
A  funeral doesn’t have to be in a church – though it can be. The church minister can lead the whole funeral service in a different place such as the crematorium or at the gaveside. 

Each person is unique – in personality and in life experience. A church funeral allows you to give thanks for the unique person you knew and loved in a way that gives comfort and hope. The service will usually include a Bible reading, The Lord's Prayer and a message of the hope we have in life after death. We can organise an organist to play, or you may choose to have appropriate recorded music played during the service. There is no time pressure at a church funeral, the service can be as long or short as is required.

For more information you can visit the Church of England funerals page and discover information regarding the service, helpful advice for guests and what to do if you have recently been bereaved.

PPT has space and facilities both within the church building and in a separate hall for refershments to be provided for guests.

Each year PPT holds a "Light up a Life" service in partnership with Rowcroft Hospice for the recently bereaved to remember their loved ones . Everyone who has organised a funeral during the preceeding year will be invited to attend and invited to have their loved one's name written in the Rowcroft Hospice Book of Light.