Giving to the work of the Church 

The Vicar writes: 
Graham HamiltonGiving, along with prayer and fasting, is one of the spiritual disciplines that Jesus teaches us to practice as disciples. We give to support Christian ministry and to relieve poverty and suffering. Giving obviously blesses those who receive the gift. Giving blesses and glorifies God: it is the Father who sees and delights in our giving, and our gifts bring glory to God by recognising him as the Lord of everything we have received.

What we can forget is that the act of giving blesses us. Jesus says that when we give in secret, (and not to impress other people) our heavenly Father will reward us. St Paul taught the Christians in Corinth of the grace of giving- a gift from God to us. Christians who give generously discover an overflowing joy and freedom, for generous giving is the only way to loosen the cold grip that the love of money has on our hearts. It is the way demonstrated by the Lord Jesus himself, who for our sake became poor and is now exalted.

Thank you to everyone who gives to our church; we appreciate every gift even though most of us do not know who gave what. Thank you- whether you make an occasional donation or have set up a standing order and gift-aid the money. It is right for you to know how that money is spent, so that you can have confidence that your generosity is not wasted. So here we explain how your giving supports the life and work of this parish church. 

The table below sets out our income and expenditure, and the Treasurer and PCC work hard to maximise our income and minimise unnecessary expenditure. As you can see, the vast majority (90%) of our income comes from you, and the majority of our expenditure is on Common Fund (62%) and local staff salaries (17%).

Common Fund is the means by which all the parish churches combine their income to meet (almost) the cost of clergy salaries, housing and pensions: Common Fund is subsidised by the Diocese, and does not pay for Bishops or cathedrals. We give more than the average cost of a vicar, in order for clergy to be deployed in poorer areas of Devon.

Staff salaries pay for our part-time Family Worker, Carolyn, First Steps co-ordinator Camilla, and Ruth the Office Manager (2 days a week). The PCC believes we need to employ a full-time Assistant Minister to co-ordinate work with youth and children, as Carolyn reduces her role.

How much must or should we give? 

Some Christians believe that the Old Testament tithe (10% of income) still applies today, but I do not see that taught in the New Testament. Jesus gave everything for us - not a fixed proportion - and the New Testament teaches us to give sacrificially and joyfully: it is your decision, but we believe that you need to know the real costs of local ministry in order to know what might be appropriate for you. 

There are about 160 people who come regularly to PPT, which makes the average weekly gift £14. Of those, 120 give regularly by standing order, envelope or in the collection plate. Please take this opportunity to review how you give. If you give occasionally at present, please consider how to give regularly. If you give regularly, it is good to review your giving each year. God loves a cheerful giver, and blesses them. Please consider how to give sacrificially, and be a blessing!


There are various ways to give to the life of the church

Standing Order

The preferred method and the method used by the greater part of the church membership. There are forms available at the back of church or from the treasurer (Steve Matheson) or the Gift Aid Secretary (Kate Martin). The Account Name is PCC of Bovey Tracey, the sort code is 30-96-06 and the Account No. is 01219910. Most people set up a monthly payment, but quarterly and yearly payments are equally welcome. On completing the form, two sections are returned to the Gift Aid secretary and the third you must send to your bank. Those using internet banking can set up and alter their own standing orders.

Weekly Envelopes

You make a commitment through the treasurer or Gift Aid secretary to give on a regular weekly basis. You will then receive a set of 52 small envelopes which you will use and place in the collection plate. If you are away you can put the accumulated sum in one envelope on your return and destroy the envelopes you are not using. Please do not put unused envelopes inside the one you are using.


Cash and cheques can be placed in the offertory plate before the service, but see below on use of yellow envelopes.

Yellow Envelopes/Gift Aid

You will find yellow Gift Aid envelopes in all the pews. Please use them if you are a UK tax payer as it increases your gift by 25%, provided you fill out the front with name, date, post code and signature; the address is not essential if post code is given. Do not use the envelope without giving the necessary details.


“We want you to know about the grace that God has given the Macedonian churches.  Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.”    (2 Corinthians 8.1-2)