Propsed Church Re-ordering Plans 

On Sunday 20th September 2015 sketch plans for the proposed re-order of the church were presented to the congregation at both services. You can see them by clicking the link above.

The PCC considered all your comments on the revised plans and agreed to move forward with the plans to enable us to provide a warm and flexible space for worship and community use. A full list of your Frequently Asked Questions and responses is below.

The PCC considers that the plans for the church room show real potential but need further detailed work. We remain convinced that we will need the spaces and facilities, but this will form a later phase or project after work on the church building has been completed.

Watch this space for more information about the progress of this project.

November 2016 Update from the reordering group - Pending approval from the PCC

Proposed plans for re-ordering PPT.

Statement of Need        
Statement of Significance      
Issues arising for consultation and FAQ's