This Sunday's Services and Notice Sheet 

This week's Notice Sheet

10 Sun        Imitating Christ

am Reading: Philippians 2.1-13, Luke 1.39-55 
pm Reading: 2 Peter 1.12-21 Is the Bible trustworthy?
9.30am    Sunday Praise with Communion: The Vicar
11am    Holy Communion: Rev Graham Hamilton
5pm    Lord’s Supper: Rev Graham Hamilton
6.30pm    Reformation 500: Cranmer -at Ilsington ParishChurch

And at St Mary’s, Hennock

2nd of Advent
Isaiah 40.1-11, Mark 1.1-8
10am Holy Communion: Rev David Witchell

17 Sun        Lights in the World

am Readings: Luke 1.68-79, Philippians 2.14-30
pm Reading: John 10.25-38 Is the Bible Authoritative?
9.30am    Sunday Praise: Eleanor Oelmann
11am    Morning Worship: Eleanor Oelmann
5pm    Celebration: Mark Alexander

And at St Mary’s, Hennock

3rd of Advent: Carol Service
4pm Carols: Rev Graham Hamilton