Wedding group with a shy floweA church wedding is a beautiful way for a man and woman to mark their commitment to live together in love for the rest of their lives, and to seek the blessing of God upon their marriage. PPT offers a beautiful setting for a traditional, Christian wedding, with church bells, music etc, and is a popular venue for local couples and those from further afield. You are welcome to marry here whether or not you have been christened, go to church regularly or believe the Christian faith. If neither of you have been previously married, and if either of you can demonstrate a qualifying connection with the Parish Church, you have a legal right to be married here.

A qualifying connection can be:
•  Either of you has lived in the parish for 6 months, was baptised or confirmed here, or worshipped here regularly for 6 months
•  Any one of your parents, during your lifetime, has lived in the parish, or worshipped here regularly  for 6 months
•  Any one of your parents or grandparents was married here
Please contact us to check if you have a qualifying connection or visit the Church of England webpage.

The happy coupleThe Church of England believes that marriage is for life, but we recognise that we all fail, and there are circumstances in which we are prepared to conduct weddings where one partner has a previous spouse still living. Please contact the Vicar to discuss this. 

We want to prepare you for a happy and lifelong marriage, not just a beautiful day, and we provide preparation for every couple who wants to marry at PPT and other local churches in the Mission Community. The marriage preparation can run either as a five week course or as a one day course, depending on the needs of the couple. 

For more information you can visit the Church of England weddings page and discover information regarding the service, the vows, helpful advice for guests and what to do if you have just become engaged. 

There are costs to a church wedding: we will ask you for a £100 deposit when you make a firm booking. At present the wedding, all legal preliminaries and preparation cost £454, plus £150 for bells and £90 for choir. Prices for an organist vary.