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We have activities and groups for young people from age 11 to 18. There are groups run as part of the Sunday morning service for 11 - 14's and a Sunday evening group for 14-18's. 

One to One Bible reading
Mentoring is available for young people to provide one-to-one support for individuals growing in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and facing life's challenges. This activity is important to help grow disciples, character and to release an individual's God given gifts to make them more effective in serving in His Kingdom and for His Glory. If you would like to talk about being mentored, please contact us.

Other youth events and activities that are supported by the youthwork team are:

Every year CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society) runs summer camps for young people. 
We want to encourage our young people to come along to summer camp where they will get to take part in loads of fun stuff, like surfing, total wipeout, beach trips and more. Not only that but they get to know who Jesus is and what he has done for them!

Here at the Parish church we cannot stress enough the importance of teaching the Bible to our young people, summer camp is a wonderful time for the young people as many of them give there lives to Christ.

The bookings for Barnstable 2 2019 are open on the 1st of December. 
The camp is from 27 July 2019 - 3 August 2019 (7 nights) 

Booking details are in the link below.

Please contact the Ministry Assistant for more details:

If you are new to the church and wish to find out more about the youth activities we run for your child or children then please choose one of the links on the right of the page to find out more. Or visit our Contact Us page and a member of the staff team will be in touch.