• Mission and Vision


The Mission Action Plan for PPT was produced in 2014 and reviewed in 2015


Mission Action Plan: 2015 Revision


We believe that our mission is to enable all people to know Jesus and enjoy his rule in their lives.

In March 2014 we produced a Mission Action Plan, identifying our priorities for the coming year. We can give thanks to God for the progress we have made since then. 
  • We took part in the Bovey Valley Inspire Festival of Faith and held a Lent Course on the gospel today. We ran Christianity Explored in the autumn and Walking the Way in the Spring.
  • We have distributed Christmas and Easter leaflets to the town, held TFI Friday (messy church for families and children) at Easter and Halloween. We held enjoyable Summer and Christmas fairs.
  • We have tried to encourage small groups with an up-to-date directory and study questions, and now hold weekly groups for 11-14s and 14-18s on Sunday evening. 
  • We have made real progress in modernising our communications- with a new noticeboard, new website, weekly Mailchimp messages and a Facebook page. 

Your Feedback:

Thank you to those who commented on our plans either on paper or informally. It is often easier to see what is not yet right than to appreciate what has been achieved, but a sense of dissatisfaction can drive us to move change on.
We need faith to believe that the church can grow, confidence that the gospel can change lives, and we need to persist in prayer to allow God to work through us by his Spirit. 
Many are concerned about our unity. Unity must flow from the gospel: it is Christ who makes us one and we need to grow in love for one another, practising hospitality and demonstrating compassion. Unity is not the same as uniformity - all meeting at the same time, or appreciating the same style of service. As a church we are committed to a strategy of providing both contemporary and traditional services, so that people can choose the time and style that encourages them in a hectic world. We are committed to small groups where people can meet to study the bible, pray together and support one another, rather than trying to bring everyone together for big social events or rely on a few people to provide pastoral care for the many.
The future of our buildings is the biggest practical issue we face, and much hard work has been done behind the scenes, developing the case to present to the Diocesan authorities and to potential sources of funding. We hope to present revised plans to the congregation in September. 2015 The community survey is a vital part of demonstrating the benefits of a re-ordered church.

Here then are the action points for 2015. We have fulfilled most of the action points for the previous heading of Communications, so this has been dropped.


This remains our highest priority: until our hearts burn with joy and conviction that Jesus is Lord, we can do nothing. 
  • Sermon series through the Gospel of John
  • Encourage fervent prayer for outreach through daily and monthly prayer meetings
  • Produce a visual display of the Gospel in church
  • Purchase a gospel booklet for every member
  • Produce a promotional DVD/Youtube video about our church and gospel message
  • Produce a welcome pack for the residents of the Williamsgate estate at Bradley Bends
  • Set up a Gospel Trust to fund gospel workers
  • Consider a United Mission for 2017 or 2018


  • Press ahead with Re-ordering project to render our buildings warm, accessible and flexible for church and community use
  • Recruit and train service teams and sidesmen to welcome visitors and comply with Health & Safety and Safeguarding legislation
  • Encourage small groups to practise hospitality
  • Sustain a few large community events


  • Encourage everyone to belong to a small group
  • Recruit an associate minister with a focus on children, youth and parents
  • Provide fortnightly study notes for groups
  • Hold Christianity Explored and Walking the Way courses every year
  • Provide training in pastoral care, prayer and bible study for small group leaders


We launched Sunday Club at 10am for a trial period April-July. This has involved small changes to the liturgy and music at 10am
  • Adapt the 10am service to welcome younger generations
  • Continue to provide for 5-14s at 5pm
  • Continue TGI Friday and Holiday Club
  • Review the baptism preparation policy
  • Review the service pattern for PPT & Hennock


We need to reduce the administrative burden, which hinders our ministry and mission, but we face increasingly complex legislation. We now have a highly effective Church Office Manager, but some of our structures demand too much time.
  • Review working relationship with Hennock
  • Reduce the daily burden on clergy and wardens

2014 Mission Action Plan