What we believe

PPT ChurchWhat kind of church are we?


We believe that God’s great purpose is to bring all creation to enjoy the peaceful rule of Jesus.

We believe that as a network of churches in the Bovey area we are called to: 
•Enable people of every age and background to become disciples of Jesus Christ  
•Engage with God through the Bible, Prayer, and Sacrament  
•Encourage one another to live Christlike lives  
•Enhance loving unity among Christians at every level 
•Empower every disciple to fulfil their calling and exercise their gifts in God’s world and thus  
•Exalt God’s name in our lives and our praises.

AM CongregationThe Church of Jesus Christ exists to bring Him worship and advance his kingdom until all creation is brought to peace and harmony under his gentle and just rule. We achieve this when we obey his commands and become his disciples, seeking his glory above all things.

Therefore we meet together week by week to engage with God through his word in the Bible.

PM CongregationPPT stands in the Evangelical tradition of the church of England, with an emphasis on thorough Bible teaching, Spirit-led praise and fervent prayer. We seek to communicate the good news of the gospel through word and deed, by engaging with as many parts of the local community as we can - children, youth, parents, working and the retired.